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I'm on a mission

“My mission, my why, is to help as many sales people learn to leverage social media to sell more”

When it comes to sales I’ve been there, done that and even sold the T-Shirt!

I started my sales career selling retail, then spent a couple of years selling door to door before moving into corporate world selling software, online training and advertising. I spent the majority of my sales career utilising traditional sales and prospecting methods. 5 years ago, however I realised that my prospects and customers were using social media and there were many ways I could leverage this to sell. Fast forward 5 years, £millions of deals created and won on social, content reaching millions and over 180,000 followers, I’m now on a mission to help everyone in sales leverage social to sell!

This isn’t about cold calling vs social selling, this is about the reality that YOUR customers are on social media and YOU can use that to sell. It’s not just writing blogs and sending InMail’s, social media can enhance every part of the sales process all the way past closing.

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Keynote Speaker

High energy, passionate, driven, motivating and speaking from real experience. A truly exceptional speaker!

Social Selling Masterclass

The ultimate masterclass in social selling.

"If Social selling is your game then Daniel Disney is the name you need to know!!
A fantastically engaging and insightful workshop, Daniel really knows how to help you get the most from it! Every member of our team got something worth while from it and within days we have all been trying new techniques and venturing into the seeming scary world of Blogs and Vlogs(it's not as scary as it first seems!)
I cannot rate Daniels workshop highly enough and it is a must for anybody looking to improve their social media performance."

Gavin Dawson - Head of Business Development Emerson Crane Hire


12 weeks 1-2-1 coaching to help you achieve more