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My mission


“My mission, quite simply, is to help AS MANY people as possible learn how to leverage social selling to sell more”

Whilst sales itself hasn’t changed, the tools that we use to sell have.
My career in sales started 15 years ago knocking doors. It progressed to include cold calling hundreds of prospects every day and using email. The next big change was social media. Just over 5 years ago I started using LinkedIn to sell and it changed everything. I sold A LOT more, built far stronger relationships with my customers and made the process more efficient.

Over recent years I have closed over £25,000,000 in revenue generated from social selling, I’ve built a social audience of over 450,000 followers and a personal brand known all around the world.

My message is very clear, it’s not about cold calling versus social selling, it’s about cold calling AND social selling. Our buyers have different preferences, some prefer to speak on the phone, some prefer to communicate via email and some prefer using social media.

I’m now on a mission to help as many people as possible around the world leverage LinkedIn and social media to its full potential.

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The ultimate masterclass in social selling.

“If Social selling is your game then Daniel Disney is the name you need to know!!

A fantastically engaging and insightful workshop, Daniel really knows how to help you get the most from it! Every member of our team got something worth while from it and within days we have all been trying new techniques and venturing into the seeming scary world of Blogs and Vlogs(it’s not as scary as it first seems!)

I cannot rate Daniels workshop highly enough and it is a must for anybody looking to improve their social media performance.”

Gavin Dawson – Head of Business Development Emerson Crane Hire




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