Social Selling Masterclass

The ultimate masterclass in utilising social media to its full potential to generate REAL sales pipeline and sales.

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The Social Selling Masterclass is the ultimate course to help sales teams, salespeople, businesses and entrepreneurs learn how to really leverage social media to its full potential.

There is no fluff in this course, no theory, just tried, tested and proven strategies, techniques and lessons that deliver real results.

Learn how to design a LinkedIn or social media profile that shows you as a thought leader and credible source, learn how to build a recognised and respected personal brand, learn how to generate sales from your profile, learn how to find and connect with ANY prospect, how to send effective LinkedIn and social media messages, learn how to find and create amazing content and learn how to turn everything social into real revenue.


“If Social selling is your game then Daniel Disney is the name you need to know!!

A fantastically engaging and insightful workshop, Daniel really knows how to help you get the most from it! Every member of our team got something worth while from it and within days we have all been trying new techniques and venturing into the seeming scary world of Blogs and Vlogs(it’s not as scary as it first seems!)

I cannot rate Daniels workshop highly enough and it is a must for anybody looking to improve their social media performance.”


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